Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Truth lies in the silent solitude of our inner wilderness. It is not something that can be expressed, only experienced because it lies beyond sight, sound, and symbols. It can only be found by consciously penetrating the superficial psychological illusions that we blindly mistake for reality. Seeking truth sounds like fun until it finds you, grabs your head, and submerges it in thoughts so deep that you might drown do to your inability to breathe in the lies that have sustained your blissful ignorance since you first learned to speak. In such conditions your sense of self and security are washed away revealing that which lies underneath all of the illusionary concepts that you previously believed defined, or constituted "you". In the absence of these rolls, titles, actions, abilities and descriptive adjectives something new and yet timeless can be sensed. This presence is your essence. This presence is truth. And it is all pervasive and interconnected to all things in and out of existence. Many people find this presence and call it God, for they intuitively sense that it is the truth, the light and the source of all life and power. However, there they make a vital mistake. If you define this presence, then you confine its essence to rigid the associations that the word you use implies. In this case, "God", implies an all powerful being or presence of infinite proportions that has been forced into a small box by the religious doctrines and misinterpreted ideologies of past perspectives. This is why, in order to grasp the truth, your must not concern your self with understanding it through the conceptual framework of language. In this situation, at least from my current perspective, it is best to simply become one with the moment. Feel the presence and savor it's beauty while you have the chance to, for all things are impermanent. Most people are terrified by the impairment nature of the universe, but the fact that it is only temporary is all the more reason to savor every fleeting second of time we have in this world in this form. Death marches steadily to the beat of our hearts, but death is not a bad thing. It is only a transition. Ironically, only the dead know the true nature of this transition, and the living waist the greater part of their lives trying to avoid the inevitable, and in doing so they forget to actually live and to enjoy living. It's kind of funny when you think about it. It's like a bomb running form its own lit fuse. The fact is, the fuse is lit and the physically destructive explosion is unconditionally growing ever closer. So if you have a list of thing to do, for instance being happy, or finding peace, then you'd be wise to use what relatively little time you have to materialize your dreams. I am currently laughing with the universe at the extent of the ignorance of my self and my species, and observing in awe the beautiful transitional forms of the universe as they manifest in all living and non living things. This is merely what i believe at this brief instant in time and it may very well all be wrong and complete bullshit. But ultimately it is all largely inconsequential. For as I said the real truth, lies beyond words.

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