Saturday, March 14, 2009


here is the first draft of the final. I hope to finish it over spring break.

Friday, March 13, 2009

final post

see below
This last post is concerning my process. Basically, I worked out all of my preplanning in my story board and animatic. Consequently I did medium quality drawings for my storyboards. This allowed my to lock down the basic designs of things. It also allowed me to establish the over al discourse of the short. I was able to establish the stye, the style of the drawings, the rendering the scene lighting and layer effects, and a color palate. I was even able to establish the layer order for the different compositional elements that would move independently f the back ground. After the drawing were complete, which took about, two weeks, I began to create the animatic. I spent about two weeks on this part as well. At this stage I worked out what type of camera movements I would have and what type of transitions I would create. I also synced the clip to the music and established the pacing / timing of the short. Once this was done, I began working on my very intricate back grounds. It took way too long to get the drawings to the same level or quality of the story boards. But I was so pleased with how they looked that I decided to keep going with it. Unfortunately, I underestimated just how much rendering and drawing had to be done for the whole project. Do to my lack of foresight, I was still drawing backgrounds one week before the projects was due. After I finally completed everything , I started to frantically try and animate everything that I had created, but there just was not enough time left to get much done. I'm not upset though, I learned how to make some very nice layouts, and I learned how t composite flash photoshop and aftereffects files together. All in all it was one of the best learning experiences that I have had here at SCAD, because I was given complete freedom to do what I wanted to do things my way. Experience is the best teacher in life. And, this experience allowed me to gauge my strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will a tremendous help when I start my senior project. Essentially, my biggest weakness is the fact that I am never willing to sacrifice my initial overly ambitious ideas, for the sake adapting to the time constraints of the deadline. This was a huge lesson for me. I let my pride prevent me from completing my project. I just "knew" that I would get it done. Come hell or high water I was going to complete the thing on time, just as I had intended to in the first place. I have learned the hard way, that this is a dangerous attitude to have when working on a production with the stone set deadline. I have learned that I need to allow for some flexibility and adaptation in my projects, because you never know what's gonna happen, but the show must go on. I believe, I deserve a "C" for effort, because I really did spend allot of time working, but I just bit off more than I could chew with three classes. A "B" would be generous, and if we were basing things on what I learned then I'd defiantly deserve a B, but the fact remains that I did not complete the project. I advise you look at the psd. file titled erverything to see just how much work was done.

final post

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The city streets

This is the city layout. The plan is to have people walk on the side walk in the foreground and back ground as we zoom in. Here the woman dies and every thing slowly comes to a halt as time freezes and she falls in slow motion to her death.

Forest Day

Forest Dawn

Forest Night

This is the forest layout. It has a fairly elaborate set up of layers including some layer style effects and and some transitional opacity effects that will allow it to go from night to dawn to day. Originally I wanted the trees, flowers and the sun to bounce tot he beat of the music, but I don't know if I will have the time. Also, I figured out a way to make the stars twinkle by having a duplicate "star" layer with a 50% opacity move across the original star layer. As the stars over lap, they become brighter, and create a twinkling effect. The clouds are on a separate layer and will slide slowly across the screen, and the river is made up of 3 different layers with varying opacities that will all pan across at different speeds. Lastly the leaves on the tress are on three separate layers, because I wanted them to fade in after the branches pop up.

Space and the cosmic zoom

This is the space back ground, and do to the lack of time I am going to just zoom into this galactic formation a few times. The goal will be to create a simple worm whole effect. The galaxy will rotate while that stars slowly push forward creating depth.

The 3rd Rock

Here is my Earth for the cosmic zoom sequence.

Mandala background

This is the back ground for the part when the fish is swimming and the flower comes in.

Establishing shot

All of the different elements of this composition are sett up on different layers, so that when I zoom in with the camera they will appear to be in 3d space.

Anamatic with Music

Story Boards 4

Story Board 3

Story Boards 2

Story Boards 1

Favorite Animations

This is some simple motion graphics work. I really like the look and feel of contemporary graphic design, and I hope to incorporate a lot of motion graphics elements in my works to come.

This is one of my all time favorite animations.
It's form Disney's Fantasia 2000.

Favorite animations

This is a clip from Afro Samurai

Favorite animations 2

Here is another clip done by studio 4C.

This is something from studio 4c. I love the use of color and the graphic quality of the compositions.